Quick Shots @ KMS plus a new online concert

Last week KMS Reviews did a nice and short interview with us. You can find the interview here. The other nice news is that we will give a new online live concert with Funtime Live, on November the 25th. This time the sound will be much better than the last time, when we streamed the gig straight from an old iPhone on our Facebook account. And during this corona times there will be more online live concerts in the (near) future; watch our gigs calender for news about that….

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Online concert with ‘Struinen in de Tuinen’

Our concert on Sunday Sept 6th will be online, due to the new coronarules. The council of Breda doesn’t allow us to play in a garden anymore…..The time has been changed to 4.15 PM. Originally we were booked on a gardenconcert at this nice outdoor gardenfestival, totally coronaproof we would say…. but nevertheless the council of Breda didn’t approve it. It would be our first live concert with a real audience since corona………… but now we will give an online concert instead. You are able to watch it live at our Facebookpage and on the Struinen in de Tuinen website. Hope to see you there!

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Sena Music production fund grant

We just heard the great news that we will receive a grant from the Sena Music Production fund for a great deal of the costs that we will make to produce our next album! Not all our costs will be funded, but a large share of it. And that’s good news, since we didn’t receive any grant or subsidy for more than seventeen years. Needless to say that we are quite happy with this and we can’t wait to make this album during the next months.

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Still alive

We are rehearsing, writing songs and recording together again, since May 17, and we’re quite happy with that! We hope to give a few concerts soon too, but that’s still difficult for all musicians in Holland (and abroad) because of the coronarules. We hope to meet y’all soon again in the flesh!

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A new horizon

During the lockdown we had a zoom meeting every week. We mixed one of our new songs online together through Zoom, which wasn’t easy, and we gave a small online live concert from home, on Facebook. We wrote a few new songs and improved some lyrics. But now finally we’re looking forward to meet again in the studio. If none of the bandmembers is coughing or snivering anymore, we’ll go into the studio and finally go on with the recording of our songs on the 17th of May. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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How we are surviving the lockdown:

During the lockdown we aren’t able to rehearse or record together for a little while. But instead we had a Zoom meeting last Sunday, where we made a first mix of our new song, called “Elsa.” Next Sunday we will have such a mixing session again. When nobody of the band members has a running nose or cough anymore we will be able to go into the studio again, not only virtual, like now.

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We wish you luck

After a good, fresh start of 2020, things changed quickly for all of us. We all hope to go back to our normal lives soon, but at the same time we know that this will take time. We hope that we will be able to rehearse soon again, and we can’t wait to go back to the studio and record our songs again. Because that’s what we were doing before the corona crisis started. We wish you all a good health and an optimistic, but realistic spirit. And we wish that for ourselves, too. Searching in our own repertoire, we found a few songs which could be appropriate in this coronacrisis. That is of course our Moon song. But also the lyrics of “Erased” fit in a certain way. And, to lighten up your hearts a tiny bit, what do you think of Blöder Tango or “Du wirst mir fehlen?”

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Happy 2020!

Of course we wish you a very good 2020! We have many good intentions for this year. We are working on a new EP (as a part of a a whole new album). The EP will be released later this year. And of course we work on a new videoclip too. Also we’ll give several concerts, starting with two livingroom concerts in February. We already gave a small performance of three songs at January the 3rd in the Haagse Kunstkring. Our New Year started quite well for Chabliz; the performance (and especially the audience and the other artists) was and were great, Pim could play on a beautiful grand piano, which was inspiring. And the year started with this wonderful, thoughtful review by Florian Maier from KMS Reviews of our music video and short film ‘When sirens call,’ directed by Catself.

2019 was also a good year for us. It could be better of course, but it wasn’t bad at all. We wrote many new songs (some of them are in the recording process now), we gave several concerts and we released two music videos. One of them is ‘When Sirens Call,’ directed by Catself. We are very grateful that she did put so much time, effort and great ideas into this music video and short film. We also received some great reviews.

On Spotify things went well. Our ‘Nightporter’ song was streamed 2,5K times, ‘Moon‘ and ‘In the flesh‘ 1,2K times. Our Breakfast song (one of our favorite songs, but not a winner in streams) was streamed 1,1K times. In 2019 we had 221% more new listeners on Spotify, 300% more followers and 744% more streams. Our music was streamed on Spotify for 798 hours (= one month) in 2019. People in 57 countries listened to our music. In Italy our audience grew with 811%. In total we had 10,7k streams and 1,6K listeners on this medium. Thank you for that!

Hopefully 2020 will be an even better year than 2019!

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We made it again

Thanks to your votes we reached the Snob 2000 again on position 143 (with our Nightporter song) and position 224 (with our Moon 🌙 song)! We climbed a lot in these charts this year, which is great. Thank you very much for that! 🙏

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Snob 2000

You’re able to vote for Chabliz again in the yearly Snob 2000 playlist! We recommend our songs “Nightporter” and “Moon” Thank you very much in advance for your vote! It’s possible to vote untill December 3. It’s important for us to get enough votes to reach a spot in this playlist and radio broadcast, because with this playlist we are able to reach the more serieus (mainly Dutch) pop, rock and jazz music freaks (instead of the more mainstream music lovers who tend to listen to the “Top 2000” on radio 2). They will notice our music if they don’t know it already. You can vote here.

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