Album presentation of our new album “Straight Stories”, Sept 2017:

Pictures : screenshots of videoclip ” Imitating Angels”, shot by Riske de Vries:
Artwork by Ingrid Mol & Quinten Smit
Artwork album by Ingrid Mol & Quinten Smit

Chabliz in New York City (2016):

Photo by karianne Hylkema Picture made by Karianne Hylkema

Artwork album by Ingrid Mol & Quinten Smit

Chabliz IMG_3522
Chabliz IMG_3637
Pictures made Nov. 2014, @ JV Blanko, by Klaas Guchelaar,

SONY DSCSONY DSC1380176_558190684236227_1181744908_nph_wi4maart 14 001IMG_7285-4Here are some of the new bandpictures: Bandphotos made by Kay Sauren:

Underneath you see the pictures made at our concert in Leiden, june 2013, made by Jenni Aaltonen:
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Chabliz IMG_3538

Underneath you see first the pictures from our live concert in music cafe JW, Sept 22, 2012. All photographs taken by Jan te Bont, photographer:


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Underneath the pictures made at our concert at JW, Rotterdam, d.d. 06-07-2012, in random order. We wish to thank the photographer from JW, Jan te Bont. He did a great job !

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Underneath you find the photos that were taken during tracking and mixing of our upcoming new album. Do you wish to see more pictures ? Please visit our pages at Facebook and move to “photos”. :
and/or visit our old photopage at: