Wings of the Night

Wings of the night, I hear your call
I have been waiting for your sleepy song
whisper your magic, carry me along

I sleep tonight, within my dreams
memories from all those better times
meeting old friends who are long gone

I do not know if this is real, or just a dream
familiar sights, friends discussing things of every day
like they were never gone for so long

Into the night, whisk me away
comforting thoughts and fluffy clouds
out of the darkness when the lights are out

I have a wish, let this be real, not fantasy
seeing my friends all around me as the day goes by
and I won’t let them leave anymore

End of the night, sunrise to come
images faded, no longer show
as I awaken they are gone

Wings of the night, wings of the night.

Wings of the Night’ is a popballad about grief, but in a quite positive, optimistic and almost naive way. The lyrics are about dreams where you meet your lost loved ones again. Are they real or are they just a dream? We’ll never know.

Lyrics: P de Winter, P van Riezen & K. Hylkema

Music:  P van Riezen, P de Winter, M Peters.

All rights reserved.

Vocals: Petra de Winter
Grand piano: Pim van Riezen
Acoustic double bass: Marcel Peters
Violin: Natasja van Doesburg
Viola: Cora Hildering
Cello: Sophie Ehling.
String section conducted by Pim van Riezen
String arrangement written by Pim van Riezen
Production: Pim van Riezen
Production assistent: Petra de Winter

Artwork: Tim Mossholder & Pim van Riezen.