When sirens call

They call you
They call you
They call you
And you have to go 2x

There’s no way to avoid them
You’re slipping away
But violence will hold them
There’s no one who dares


There’s a way to avoid them
Tie yourself to the mast
Shout down their voices
Don’t listen to them

I ‘ve lost some friends to the singin’ sirens
Perhaps I had to intervene with violence
Dragged you against your will into the rehab
You would still be with us if I had done that
We let you go
We didn’t know
That you were damned by the sirens
We should have known but could not face it
Truth was worse than our hope

Chorus ( They call you….)

Couplet 2:
I knew a man who knew that he was dying
For weeks he lied down coupled to machines
His family didn’t want to let him go
They couldn’t face what he already knew
The sirens called him
He was lost and gone
But for his dears he stayed a little longer
He appeared in his daughters dream
And told her to let him go

Bass solo

Was it fate or addiction?
Was it truth or lie?
Were you gifted, were you damned?
You didn’t have to fly
Aren’t we just lucky
Or are we sensible?
Are we deaf for siren calls
Or just dispensible?
Or just dispensible (2x).

Chorus: They call you……

(RIP Arthur van Keppel)

Words by Petra de Winter
Music by Petra de Winter, Henk Greven and Marcel Peters

Production by Pim van Riezen. Music video directed by Catself.

All rights reserved.