Blue Strike

Some night
We just sat there gathered together
Inside this squatted house
Dark clouds packed above us all together
Inside this squat
The fire
Kept us warm together
Bricks were thick and bold together
Black suits made us heroes
And we tried

This night
Had a dream about this building
We were standing on the roof
All my old friends packed up on this building
Severe and cold it was
Coffee, piles of bread at tables
Scanners, smoke and chats together
Paint and bricks and fire
We would defend this building

Blue strike, you appeared to me,
I know that at this moment you are dying ’cause we lost
Your bricks are falling
Tear you down, you’re down

Blue strike, I wasn’t there for a long time but in my dream we were there all because they won
Your bricks are fallin’
Tear you down, you’re down

Organ solo

My friends,
We grew up your arms were warm but couldn’t hold us
We had to carry on
You were standing there we saw you often
Strong and firm
We had to
Achieve things for ourselves
Tried not to betray your values
Our thoughts only warm about you
We were born from….

Chorus 2x

Words by P. De Winter
Music by P. De Winter & Henk Greven
Arrangement by Pim van Riezen, Chabliz

All rights reserved.