Conductor 71

Some are pleased to see me
while others try to run away
Love and hate are all the same, to me
Know you not, what is my name?

Live your lives as best as you can
for there will be an end, for everyone
That is sure as night follows the day
Your choice then or not to pray…or not to pray

Do you take, or do you give?
For it matters not to me….what you do, or even think
you’re welcome to your thoughts, my friends
Is your life so full of love, or hatred, spreading fast?
if you are suicidal, I will not be judging you, or your past.

Whether you are very poor, or extremely rich
I do not care one jot, one jot.
Money means nothing to me.
Neither do I care if you’re much loved, or if you’re all alone.
I will treat you all the same, and don’t dare to attempt a clone!
I cannot be bullied. I can’t be bribed,
and it’s unwise to try to deceive me

Some of you will search me out, and that I find so sad.
Were your lives that empty or just so unbearably bad?
I will find you. I’ll know where you’ll be
If you are ready or if you’re not….I’ll be there

the truth is that one day all will end
one day, unexpected, an unexpected day

you say tomorrow is another day
yet not all of you will be there
some will be old, whilst others, young
never more to love, and play…

One fine day I will greet you
or possibly in the rain
and you will not at first, believe me…
you’re nearly all the same…

My name, why can’t you guess?
Why….can’t you guess?

Lyrics written by Richard Underscore
Music written by Pim van Riezen & Petra de Winter & Marcel Peters
Vocals: Petra de Winter
Keyboards: Pim van Riezen
Acoustic double bass: Marcel Peters
Guitars: Marcel van Ling
Arrangement & production: Pim van Riezen
Editing: Pim van Riezen & Petra de Winter
Production assistent: Petra de Winter

Artwork: David Gosker (collage) & Karianne Hylkema (graphic design)