Once, the people had hope
although they were miserable
their future was shiny
their purpose was high
their morals were up
tradition brought certainty
and peace of mind
it’s dust from the moon, dust from the moon, etc.

Now, there’s nothing to find
life is an airbubble, it’s floating away
we just multiply, without a reason
I want the moon in you, don’t let me lose you
dust from the moon, dust from the moon

this dust is like gold, and it’s very rare
it’s very exclusive and nobody’s got it
and when the wind blows, it’s flying away
through the spaces of the evolution

Don’t fly away from me
it’s the kid behind the masque, that I still love
the silence speaks
it breaks my ears
don’t act like the dust from the moon.
O silent moon (3x)….

Words by Petra de Winter
Music by Petra de Winter & Mark Bubberman
Arrangement by Chabliz
Produced by Wim Oudijk

All rights reserved