Spooky Lullaby

I was at home
in London town
I heard this song hovering around
a piano played a wonderful song
it came from downstairs, but I had it wrong
These notes I heard, my eyes got blurred
ear on the chimney
a piano piece in the right key

None of my neighbours had a piano
this couldn’t be, there was no song
and there was more- they didn’t play this type of music
it wasn’t their way
heavenly notes from nowhere’s coasts
I could not hear these notes, don’t fear

I read a book, his name was Sinclair
he heard a song that hung in the air
he walked on the street, stood still near a church
here was this sound, his eyes were blurred

Inside, his friend
playing ’till the end
the organ sounds like a beautiful strike
four weeks before my baby was born
should give him a name after this book
I hesitated
was it the right one?
I walked on the street, it was midnight


I heard the piano
a heavenly song
so loud, so clear how could this appear?

I could not find where it came from
stood still in front of a door
was not sure…

Lyrics written by Petra de Winter
Music written by Pim van Riezen, Petra de Winter & Marcel Peters
Lyric corrections: Pim van Riezen
Orchestral arrangement: Pim van Riezen
Recording & Production: Pim van Riezen
Editing: Pim van Riezen & Petra de Winter
Production assistent: Petra de Winter
Vocals: Petra de Winter
Grand piano: Pim van Riezen
Acoustic double bass: Marcel Peters
Clarinet: Ben van der Wegen
Trumpet: Storm Blok