An Invitation to Sin

Stretch yourself out – let me tell you what it’s all about
Doubtless you wanna know
I been a queen and I’ve seen high society…….
Climb the stairs so many times with miljonairs just to help them chase their cares away
these are the does I suppose you all knows how to play
an invitation to sin an begin to be gay…………

Pick a winner red hot chicken dinner sinner or hep yourself to some quail
we got a covey a bevy of love for sale
if she suit you fancy if you need romancin don’t let yourself passin by
this ain’t no dime a dance so let that old eagle fly
an invitation to sin an begin to be gay

I done some time back in my prime my crime was that I didn’t know when to quit
times was unkind to me now I don’t mind a bit
fase you can’t forget a night of love you won’t regret feeling you ain’t felt before
if you can’t pay sunny just make your way out the door !
an invitation to sin an begin to be gay….

Words and music written by Van Dyke Parks
Produced and arranged by Wim Oudijk

All rights reserved.