Jim & the Jimmies


We were free and different, the music running through our veins
we built our own world, far away from squares and figures
A house at a lake, a campfire at a nuke base
We lived in the forest, and watched the children play

Now, we finally know that real things won’t go
when we survive, and we both know
we’re not burried yet, our hearts are still beating
we won’t surrender

Our lives were rock ‘n roll, our loves were great, our purses small
we were the lucky guys; we didn’t belong
there’s a world, there’s a world
where Jim and the jimmies can survive
we need to enter it again
the doors seem locked, we need to force them


Is there still a place for Jim and the Jimmies
do they belong to the past?
we are a part of Jim and the Jimmies
are they deceased or still alive?
we almost got them killed.


Music written by Petra de Winter, René Meester.
Lyrics written by Petra de Winter
Arrangement and production: Pim van Riezen
Editing: Pim van Riezen and Petra de Winter
All rights reserved.

Vocals: Petra de Winter
Background choir: Petra de Winter and Pim van Riezen
Piano & synths: Pim van Riezen
Double bass: Marcel Peters

Guitar: René Meester

Production assistent: Petra de Winter
Lyric corrections: Gerrit Vennema and Pim van Riezen