Other songs

Our repertoire is for 80% written by ourselves. We also play and recorded a few songs from other artists, songs that we sometimes transformed into something completely different, like Billie Jean and a few other songs. We don’t have the permission of the artists publishers to publish their lyrics here, except of the kind Van Dyke Parks. You can usually find the lyrics of those songs on Google or on Lyricfind. Underneath you can watch a few of our music videos of our so called ‘coversongs.’

We also have a few songs on our repertoire written by our friend and colleague, the poet and songwriter Gerrit Vennema. They are not on this list but we can send them to you on request. We wrote the music of ‘Poppies in Flanders fields‘ together with him. And we wrote the music for the lyrics of ‘Conductor 71,’ written by the English poet Richard Underscore. We will also add the lyrics of our own (brand) new songs like ‘Spooky lullaby,’ ‘Francis & Claire,’ ‘Barbra’ and ‘Honolulu King’ later.