Beyond the Tides

The lyrics of this duet about the sea are a strikingly poetic metaphor for the corona crisis that we’re currently in. But this song is also about other (personal) crises that people could experience. The sea gives and takes. You can read the lyrics underneath, we are kind of proud of them. We wrote and recorded this song during the lockdowns in Holland in 2020/2021:


Black waves are growing higher

And still no shoreline in sight

The sea seems endless

With it’s view so wide

Don’t know the ways of the ocean

Will we find the end of the night?

What if there’s nothing

On the other side?

far away, thunder is roaring

Let the storm winds fill our sails

Lay the course, we must blaze a trail

Don’t know the path to survival

Will we find the end of the night?

Don’t think it’s nothing

We’re to sail the tide


In the wind, thunder is roaring

Catch the winds and fill our sails

Stay the course, our ship’s blazing a trail

Don’t know the way/path to safe harbour

We’re sailing on, through the night

And when dawn beckons

Hope we’re still alive.

photo: Catself (A. Holm)
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All rights reserved.

Lyrics by Petra de Winter, Karianne Hylkema, Richard Underscore and Pim van Riezen.
Music by Pim van Riezen, Petra de Winter and Marcel Peters.
Recorded, arranged and produced by Pim van Riezen.
Editing: Pim van Riezen & Petra de Winter
Vocals: Petra de Winter & Pim van Riezen
Piano and Moog synth: Pim van Riezen
Acoustic double bass: Marcel Peters
Drums: Casper Hall
Violins: Gudrun Blok