The Silence

I seek the silence
I wander in the dark
I wait and I wait
But nothing appears
Having the right age
To know what’s going on
I’m counting my blessings
Can’t see any sparkle

I can smell uglyness
My brain is too bright for you
I wade through the mud of your
cheap empty lives

You call me weak
But your faces are scorched
So no-one can blame me for
Losing myself.

I leave the uproar
This slippery slope
Your glances are flat
You can’t hear my voice

Having the right age
My midthirties, male
I meet the statistics
Which means I am normal

I couldn’t find it,
I lost the connection
I wouldn’t be part of the uniformity
So I’ll let you march
All around your market
Because you’re not gifted and
you won’t be damned

Take the drinks I bought for you
Don’t seek words that you won’t find
and the groceries in the hall
You may eat them if you like.

(RIP Jan-Kees Haks)

Words by Petra de Winter
Music by Petra de Winter & Wim Oudijk
Produced and arranged by Wim Oudijk

All rights reserved.