The Swing

At our school
Near the retirement home
Higher and higher
Into the clouds

Under ashy fumes
Of the crematorium
Middle of the day
swingin’ on the tree

Give me your hand and go faster
‘Cause the abyss is getting deeper

Back in your room
Haunted delusions
Don’t want to leave
I’ll stay here with you
You were my friend
Inherited a magic box
a spell on the world
Only the two of us

Now the ground burns even brighter
Take the swing and push it forward

You were my friend
My borderless friend
We had so much fun, so much fear, so much sadness
And there was black, and there was white
No grey, you drove away, missed your jokes and your nightmares

Bound to eachother
Time slips away
Hope and dismay
Equal like twins
When I resist
You will have taken
The twelve o’clock train.

Words by Petra de Winter & Pim van Riezen
Music by Petra de Winter & Henk Greven
Arranged by Wim Oudijk & Pim van Riezen
Produced by Wim Oudijk

All rights reserved