past / old english news

This is our old news, before 2012 (!), in English, copied from our old website. For the news of 2012 untill now (also quite a long time already), go to our homepage.

Chabliz available @ Amazon + great review !

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Popnoirband Chabliz is searching for a eclectic playing, ambitious guitarplayer m/f, who is able to play in several different styles, from acoustic singer-songwritermusic to gothicmetal and (hard-)rock.  He or she needs to be able to accompany the alto leadsinger, and thus prepared to play in non-convenient keys.  The cd is just ready and the release will be this autumn / winter. Goals: many concerts and gigs, selling albums and singles, and working on a new album with our own repertoire. Of course you’re welcome to write and compose together with us. We are looking for a guitarplayer who’s a real teamplayer, and who’s ambitious. Other keywords are: durability, loyalty, energy, having big plans with our music. We offer: our own studio, ambition, quality, experience, see the words above, and: originality. We play mostly our own repertoire. We rehearse in Rotterdam at the moment, every sunday evening. We don’t know yet if we’ll stay in this rehearsal room for ever. The bandmembers live in The Hague / Voorburg, Rotterdam, Leiden and Amstelveen. Please send us a note if you’re interested or if you have further questions. You can share this message if you have friends or collegues who might be interested.

Chabliz available at iTunes:

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July 6, concert in Rotterdam:

Chabliz will give a few try out concerts to prepare for the albumrelease this autumn.One of the first of these concerts will take place at July 6, friday, in music cafe JW, Hoogstraat 16 in Rotterdam (Holland).

Chabliz track selected by The Songwriters Network:

The Songwriters Network is a USA based radiostation. They selected Chabliz’song “Nightporter” for broadcasting at their internet radiostation.

link to indiecastle, indie internetradio:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” width=”250″ alt=”je nee je neus was echt rood kleurgeedit.jpg” title=”View Chabliz at IndieCastle-The Throne For Independent Music” border=”0″></a><br>View Chabliz<br>at IndieCastle-The Throne For Independent Music

Song requests at the radio:

it’s possible to request the Nightporter song at the radio, via the internet. The radio will play this song several minutes after your request (it depends of the requesting row before you). you are able to request our song via:    <a href=””target=”#”></a>

Don’t Believe:

Our “Don’t Believe” is selected by the new Music Tampa Bay podcast by David Kemler, an A&R middleman in the USA !  🙂
Wrote this song a long time ago together with the Danish guitarplayer Henrik Olsen in Copenhagen. We made the final recording a few months ago. Henrik Olsen still / again plays the guitar in this song.

Nightporter at UnderWorld MixRadio:

The Chabliz-song “Nightporter”will be broadcasted the next weeks at the USA-based radio broadcast UnderWorld MixRadio.  You are able to tune in via iTunes – alternative rock – UnderWorldMixRadio.   This radiostation is also available via the internet. It’s a radiostation that broadcasts in 20 counties and has 100.000 listeners worldwide. The broadcasting of our song will start this weekend. the internet adress is: <a href=””target=”#”></a>
Tonight:  Maximum Threshold Radio Show !

Tonight our songs “Nightporter”and “Moon” will be broadcasted in the maximum Threshold Radio Show between 08.00 and 11.00 p.m. EST-time (Eastcoast USA). You are able to find the hyperlink to this hardrock and metal radioshow right here:
<a href=””target=”#”></a>

We are very pleased that our songs are selected by this worldwide broadcasting radioshow, with more then 250.000 listeners from all over the world !  🙂

unwanted pop-upmarketing:

Our excuses for the unwanted pop-upmarketingsite that opens up whenever you visit our site. We try to get rid of these unwanted popups asap.  They are harmless, but irritating. Someone hacked our site and arranged these popups for marketingreasons. The next weeks our site will be reviewed, and then we will solve this little problem as well.No, we are not paid for these annoying marketingtricks. We even don’t like most of the offers of this popupsite.

Milestone !

Milestone! our songs for the new album are mixed now and at the mastering studio right now !  🙂

Bio Chabliz to be watched at our Facebook pages:

Danger and chaos are never far away in the music from Chabliz

dutch adventurous popnoir band with enchanting female vocalist with a wide four-octave vocal range, who uses several vocal techniques. Released two albums in 1999 (live album) and in 2003 (studio album: “Nightporter”). Both albums got a lot of very good press critics in the dutch and belgium press (Oor, Fret, Live XS, Music maker, Heaven, NRC Handelsblad, AD, Volkskrant and many others). The band is recording a brand new album right now. It’s almost ready and due to be released summer 2012. Chabliz has influences from dreampop, rock  and gothicjazz.

In 2001 Petra de Winter signed a record deal with major CNR-Arcade (Holland). She performed, a.o., at stages in London, Copenhagen and Tunisia. In Holland she was a guest of Paul de Leeuw at his popular national t.v. show. Petra has also worked with other Dutch musicians, such as Rowin Schumm (Lichterlaaie), Arie Spaans (Suburbs), Cor Gout (Tresspassers W), Daniel Derks (ex-de Dijk), Hans Eijkenaar, Michel van Schie and Tjeerd van Zanen. In the nineties she was the leadsinger of musical theatre group “Danse Macabre”. She studied at the DJAM and the Royal Conservatory.
Double bass-player Marcel Peters has played the North Sea Jazz Festival four times. He also accompanied jazzvocalist Faye Claassen and Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue). Chabliz’ studio album “Nightporter” has been produced by Wim Oudijk. He had several top 40 hits in the seventies with his band ‘Navel’. Last years he worked with bands as a producer; Wim produced a.o. “Venus Flytrap” and “Doctorandus P”. He co-founded the “Tresspassers W”.
Drummer Ap de Ree entried the finals of the important “Big Prize of Holland” with his band “The Butler”. He also played in new waveband Basic Scream, and formed a duo with his ex wife, a gifted singer and pianist. They toured together for several years.
Pianist-keyboardist Pim van Riezen had some small hits with several house songs on the rave label.. He studied at the conservatory of Amsterdam and plays pop, classic organ and jazzpiano. His extra speciality is recording, mixing and producing. The new album is to be produced by Pim, in cooperation with the rest of the band.

Guestplayers of Chabliz are guitarplayer and songwriter Henrik Olsen, who lives in Copenhagen, and guitarplayer and studio technician / producer Marcel van Ling. Marcel owns his own studio and did also some studiowork for the band.
Producer, singer   and songwriter Wim Oudijk  ( ) had several hits in the seventies and eighties. He produced the last album and he is mastering the new album. The production of the new album is in the hands of Chabliz (DIY).

Chabliz did five short tours of Rumania (Bucharest) at the Jeunesses Musicales Festival  and played there again in 2009 at the EUROPAFEST festival and at the Hardrock Cafe. Their concerts were broadcasted on the Rumanian State Television. The band played extensively all over Holland, in all sorts of clubs, festivals and venues from 2002-2012. Some highlights are the several clubcircuit-stages all over Holland, the The Hague Jazz Festival where they played gothicjazz, the dutch “Popronde” and several live radio concerts, also for radio 2.

What: The Live-to-DAT-recorded debut-album “Black Blue”  was highly acclaimed by the Dutch music-press (a.o. OOR, Fret, Music Maker). Chabliz’ studio album “Nightporter” has been produced by Wim Oudijk. This album got very good (even better !) press-critics in the Dutch and Belgium music-press. Amongst Chabliz’ fans and appreciators are several celebreties: the late Theo van Gogh, Hans Vermeulen, Van Dyke Parks and Adriaan Bontebal.
Chabliz made it to many finals, several jury’s chose CHABLIZ ( for details, see because they loved this music.
Right now Chabliz is working on a new album, due to be released summer 2012. A tour through Holland and the rest of Europe is to be planned right after the release.
The new album is recorded in the bands own rehearsal room and homestudio, and produced by themselves. Chabliz is searching for their very own sound right now. The songs are all written and almost every song is recorded for the most now. Now is the time where the mixing comes in.

Parts of our History:
In 2000 Chabliz’ pianist Jan-Kees Haks deceased at the age of 37 years. He was replaced by Ewout Willems. After the release of the album “Nightporter” he left the band and was replaced by Henk Greven. Henk left the band in 2009 and was replaced by Pim van Riezen. In 2007 drummer Arthur van Keppel died, also far too young. After a short period of mourning he was replaced by Ap de Ree.
Half of the original bandmembers were gone now, which meant a lot for the other bandmembers.
In 2009 Chabliz recorded a demo with the famous dutch guitarplayer Dany Lademacher. In 2010 the band released a quite weird coverversion and video from Michael Jacksons song “Billie Jean”. The band made a resonant gothicversion of this song. It was played many times at several radiostations, also on radio 2. People loved or hated this version, and there was nothing in between.

mixing and mastering

Yesterday we finalized most of our mixes. We also decided the track sequence. Tomorrow we will bring our album to the mastering studio. Minus two songs, we decided to remix them to get a better result. The remixing of those two songs will take place this weekend…

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This is our link to our new Facebook page. You are able to visit us and “like” us there.

Valentines Night succesfull

The Valentines Evening last tuesday was a success. Chabliz played the song “Don’t believe”  that she wrote together with the Danish guitarist Henrik Olsen a long time ago in Copenhagen. This was the first time that Chabliz played the song, also recorded for the upcoming album, live for an audience in Holland. Pianist Pim van Riezen did the backing vocal. he played on a big white grand piano. On our facebook page you can see a photograph of the gig.
Theatre Branoul was fully booked.
Chabliz also played “i put a spell on you” from Screamin’Jay hawkins. The audience got mad by hearing this.
Tomorrow evening Chabliz will mix the last song of their new album.
Valentines Night SOLD OUT  🙂

Valentines Night sold out ! The Valentines Night in Branoul, where Chabliz (amongst others) is playing live tonight, is sold out :-). There are only a few pitches left, but only a few, because of fire safety requirements…


We are very proud to announce that producer Wim Oudijk will arrange and produce “the Swing”, one of our songs from our new, upcoming album. Wim has many fans at Facebook, and at FB his fans buzz about a new word for the musical dictionary: “Wimification”. Which means: a song, arranged and produced by Wim. Nobody has such an original approach to music as Wim has. But with Chabliz we are close ! Eventhough we say: “The Swing” needs some wimification. Wim also produced and arranged our last album, “Nightporter”. You are able to visit his website here:

small live gig at february the 14th:

At February the 14th, valentines day, we will give a small (mini-)concert. We play three songs live at the Valentine’s evening in theatre Branoul, maliestraat 12, Den Haag (the Hague).
Start: 8 p.m.  (20.00 uur).
See the “Concerts” button for more info.

week 52: recording and mixingweek:

A happy newyear for everyone !!!!

The last week of 2011 we made the last recordings for our new album. We also made six mixes, for six of our songs. Our new album will count eleven songs, which means that we still have to do five mixes. We will do this the next weeks. After that the album will be mastered by……………………….

childrens choir:

Last weekend we recorded a childrens choir for one of our songs. We invited the daughter of the singer and the daughter of the drummer and recorded them several times. it was a great succes and you will be able to hear and see the results soon…………  🙂

gig at 26-01

Chabliz’ next gig will be at the 26th of january, 2012.  See the “concerts”- button for more information.


this weekend our guest-trumpetplayer will record two parts for our new album 🙂

Musicians Day:

Today we were at the Musicians Day. We listened to a nice speech from Dany Lademacher and some other good speakers. We showed our new songs to three A&R and radiomanagers. They all liked our two new songs very much and found them “beautiful” and “good”. One of them (from a big record company) told us he’s serieusly thinking about signing a deal with us. But first he has to hear some more of our …new songs of course. We still are in the middle of the recording process, so this will take time. “No problem. We have time”. “But do you still remember us then ?” “Yes, I will remember you, don’t worry. Just call me when you have a few more songs ready.” We are glad, and Pim is especially glad after his hard labour with all the mixing. The last time that we showed a mix to an A&R manager (4/5 months ago ?) we got a lot of critics on the mix. At that time the mix wasn’t ready yet. This time we passed the test, which is great. Tonight we will do some mixing on some drumtracks.

Breakfast with cello:

Yesterday Giselle played the cello in the “breakfast” song. What a beautiful instrument this is and how much better is the sound of a real cello above a sampled one !  The cooperation with Giselle was very good, there was a good “vibe” and we have the intention to do more together in the future.
Pim also bought some new studiogear, a new mixing table with 32 tracks. The pictures of the new table are placed on our Facebookpage.

Breakfast almost ready

Our new song “Breakfast” is almost ready. This week pim made several mixes from the song, and we prepared the song for the celloplayer, who is going to add a cello solo on the track. The planning of the new album release is due in the first quarter of 2012.

info about Dont believe:

song written by Henrik Olsen (lyrics and music) and Petra de Winter (music). Henrik Olsen plays guitar. The bandmembers from Chabliz play the other instruments Pim van Riezen, keyboards, mixing, mastering, editing, recording, Marcel peters, bass, Ap de Ree, drums and recording, Petra de Winter, vocals, editing,). the mixing is done by Pim van Riezen.License by Koda, Denmark. Singer = petra de Winter. Chabliz. originally written song. Produced by Chabliz.. Demo / premix. Part of the choirs and the guitars are recorded and edited / equalized by Marcel van Ling from the Mo Sound Studio.

Dont believe:

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Dont Believe:

Pim did a mix on Don’t Believe yesterday and now the song is almost ready. You are able to get a sneak peak on  (underneath).

<a href=””target=”#”></a>

August / sept 2011: post- holiday spirit:

Yesterday we worked together again after a summer holiday. We made new plans for the next weeks and did some mixing on “Breakfast” and “Imitating Angels”. We have a few deadlines too for sending and showing new mixes to some festivals and A&R people. Soon we are able to send two songs to a guitarplayer and a celliste.

recordings & facebook:

Yesterday Chabliz was in the studio again, recording the vocals in G from “Don’t Believe”. In G, because the song was first in A, then in As, and now, in G. We also did the choirs. It wasn’t the best recording session ever, but it also wasn’t bad……..we’ll see.

Chabliz is now also accessable at Facebook, where the band has its own page. We just started the page, so it’s quite new and calm yet……….but already with pictures, photographs, links to my Space (mp3’s to listen) and You Tube video’s of live concerts. You can find it if you search for Chabliz at bands and musicians or as band/musician. Find it and Like it……..

….and….today we did the administration (boring…)


Tonight; a part of the band has dinner together, and afterwards we have a bandmeeting together with the whole band, at Petra’s home. We will make decisions about our new album and the first single from it. And we will talk about our rehearsal room. This week we recorded a new electrical basstrack for our single : “Don’t believe”.

May 2011: musicians day and studio work:

Last weeks we were a lot in our homestudio to mix our new single “Don’t believe”. We visited the musicians day in Utrecht and had a good chat with Erik Kross, who gave us a lot of good suggestions about our mix, and he also had an emailadress of a good promotor for us. The rest of the Musicians day was also interesting. By the way, it was also Record Store Day last Saturday. We hope they will survive.


Yesterday we recorded a bowed bassline with marcels acoustic double bass, plus an electrical bassline, for our single -song…….

tomorrow some choirs:

Tomorrow we’ll record some choirs. Saturday we do some editing and premixing. Sunday we’ll record a few basstracks. We’re in business, so to say.

april 2011: studiowork:

Chabliz is doing a lot of recordings this week. The band recorded already a lot of drumtracks, and most of the guide basslines and guide vocals, as well the guide pianolines are ready now. This weekend the band will do some editing and record some other basstracks.

Jan 2011: Happy Newyear !

Chabliz wishes everybody a very good and healthy 2011, full of inspiration.
Chabliz is in the studio now  (2011) and will bring out her new album next year.

Nov 2010: recordings

Yesterday we recorded some drumtracks, and today we will record a few double basstracks plus a few vocaltracks. We’ve got already twelve songs tracked – in any way – most of them still guides. From a few songs we have already some final drumtracks.

Oct 2010: recordings again

Yesterday we tracked a bowed bassline and two vocaltracks, or actually one, but with two different microphones, just for comparing. Next Sunday we go on.

Sept 2010: Drumtracks

This weekend Chabliz will record some drumtracks. All the songs – except for one – are ready for recording now. The band is on scheme with the recordings, but there is still a lot of work to be done………

July 2010: new album release in 2011 ?

Chabliz is busy recording their new album . They have a studio-session tomorrow again. The albumrelease will be in 2011.

March 2010: Chabliz is testing the microphones for the recordings

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March 2010: new videoclip Chabliz:

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January 2010: Chabliz is working on their new album:

Chabliz is recording a new album. There are already three songs (almost) ready. (= recorded). The album will be released around New Year.
The band is also working at a videoclip for the Billy Jean song.
Pianist Pim van Riezen joins the band.

December 2009: Please vote for our new song : “Billy Jean” from Chabliz at this link:

<a href=””target=”#”>Link to track</a>

new song Chabliz !

Dec 2009: Chabliz accepts Paypal

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Oct 2009: Chabliz in the studio

Chabliz is doing studio work this autumn. The song with Dany Lademacher is being mastered and Chabliz is recording now two brand new songs in a studio near Amsterdam. The band is working with a new pianist.

May 2009: Chabliz in Bucharest

Chabliz is in Bucharest right now.  The band did two concerts, one yesterday at the Hardrockcafe and one tonight at the Auditorium Hall.  It is great to play in Bucharest again, and to play in this beautiful city again.  This year is the fifth time (the fifth year) that Chabliz plays at the Europafest / Jeunesses Musicales Festival in Bucharest.

April 2009: Henk Greven joins Jeunesses Musicales-concerts, but we

Ex- Chablizpianist Henk Greven will join Chabliz to Bucharest, Romania. . They will play 10 and 11 May 2009 at the  Europafest / Jeunesses Musicales Festival.  Their website is
Chabliz singer Petra de Winter will also give a vocal workshop.
Chabliz is happy that Henk will join the band in Bucharest, but is also still searching for a pianist afterwards. In May there are auditions again. Chabliz has plans to record a new album in autumn 2009, and will do several concerts and gigs in 2009 and 2010. So if you’re a pianist and you like this music, give us a call or send an email……
See also our website

Feb 2009: still looking for a pianist

Chabliz is still looking for a good pianist, to go on a small tour to Bucharest, Rumania in May (2009) and also to do concerts in Holland, and to record a cd (this summer). Above all: to join the band ! See the button: “contact” above and call or email us if you are interested ! For more info see also :

January 2009: Chabliz is asked to play at Jeunesses Musicales, Europafest, Bucharest, Rumania.

The organization of the Europafest / Jeunesses Musicales Festival asked Chabliz to play again on their Festival in Bucharest, Rumania from 8 -11 May 2009.  Chabliz is glad to be asked again and intends to travel to Bucharest to play on this beautiful musicfestival again. First the band must find a new pianist; Chabliz is searching for a new pianist to play with the band.
More info you can find at:

Jan 2009: Chabliz goes into the studio with rocklegend Dany Lademacher

Chabliz is recording a song with producer, guitarplayer and rocklegend Dany Lademacher. Dany lademacher made several big hits with the legendary Herman Brood in the seventies. He is still very active as a producer and musician.
In this recording Chabliz cooperates with guitarist Eric Westrus from hardrock-metalband Marozia. Ex-pianist Henk Greven plays the piano in this recording. Chabliz is still looking for a pianist who will join the band, they have plans to record a whole album in 2009. See also

Oct 2008: More auditions for a pianist

The sunday evenings in November Chabliz will do auditions for pianists. You can call us at 070-3632870 of send us an email to
We are still looking for a good, semipro pianist who loves to play popnoir.

July 2008: Chabliz is looking for a new pianist

Chabliz seeks a new pianist. We are looking for a pianist with classical influences / background, who loves to play pop noir. We rehearse every Sunday evening in The Hague (centrum). Please contact us if you are interested.We give you more info about us then. You can also visit us at My Space, watch a video and pictures, and listen to more mp3’s:

April 2008:

Find the english version of our stageplan / technical rider at:
<a href=””target=”#”></a>

March 2008:

Chabliz is proud to tell you that the band plays this year at the prestigious “The Hague Jazz Festival” in the Congresgebouw in the Hague (the place were the famous North Sea Jazz Festival was situated for more than 30 years). Chabliz will play her ” Pop Noir and Gothic Jazz”  at May 23, from 20.30 untill 21.30 hrs.
Other artists at this festival are:  Miriam Makeba, Stanley Clarke, Mike Stern, Billy Cobham, Level 42, Randy Brecker, Toots Thielemans, etc.
For more details, see <a href=””target=”#”></a>

You can visit Chabliz also at myspace:
<a href=””target=”#”></a>
Especially interesting for new pictures and mp3’s.

Dec 2007:

Chabliz is proud to tell you that the band plays this year at the prestigious “The Hague Jazz Festival” in the Congresgebouw in the Hague (the place were the famous North Sea Jazz Festival was situated for more than 30 years). Chabliz will play her ” Pop Noir and Gothic Jazz”  at May 23, from 20.30 untill 21.30 hrs.
Other artists at this festival are:  Miriam Makeba, Stanley Clarke, Mike Stern, Billy Cobham, Level 42, Randy Brecker, Toots Thielemans, etc.
For more details, see <a href=””target=”#”></a>

You can visit Chabliz also at myspace:
<a href=””target=”#”></a>
Especially interesting for new pictures and mp3’s.

Dec 2007: going to record a new album

Chabliz will record her new album during 2008. The first appointments with producer Wim Oudijk are settled, in January the band will start with the first recordings in his studio.  We expect the new album to be due somewhere in the first quarter of 2009. During 2008 Chabliz will give several gigs and concerts, in Holland, and hopefully also abroad.

31-05-2007: Chabliz finds new drummer
We are very pleased to tell you, that we’ve found a new drummer. His name is Ap de Ree, he’s from Amstelveen (near Amsterdam), and he is a very tasteful drummer. He is the same age and has more or less the same musical taste and….humour. Untill october we are going to rehearse in the rehearsal room, from October on we are ready to do gigs and recordings again !

16-03-2007: Chabliz decided to search for a new drummer
Chabliz decided to go on with the band and is therefore seeking a new drummer. If you know somebody who might fit in, please let us (and him or her) know !

12-02-2007: Chabliz-drummer Arthur
Arthur, our drummer who worked together with us for more then ten years, is suddenly deceased the day before yesterday. We still can’t believe it, and we are all shocked and very sad. The cremation will be at friday February 16 at 2.00 p.m. at the crematorium at the Eikelenburglaan 7, Rijswijk (ZH). We still can’t believe that we will never play together again. A band is a family, and we lost an important family member.

Best wishes to you all ! We wish you an inspiring and succesfull 2007 ! Chabliz has a good start this year, the Popunie brings out a promotion cd with one song from Chabliz on it (‘Nightporter’). It will be distributed next week to the guests of the Eurosonic Festival (Noorderslag) in Groningen, the yearly Dutch international popmusic event. The album is about frontwomen in Dutch popmusic. In 2007 Chabliz will work at their new album in Wim Oudijks the Hague based Disco Fair Studio. The band will also do live concerts in Holland……..and perhaps even abroad. A lot of good plans for 2007 !

12-05-2006: Chabliz plays in Rumania
Last three nights Chabliz gave three concerts in Rumania. The band also played on the Rumanian National Television. Chabliz has a great time in Bucharest. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is good. The band played at the ARCUB theatre and also at the IBIS Hotel. It is possible to write something on the guestbook of this website. You can also subscribe to the newsletter. If you scroll down on this homepage/ newspage you will find a possibility to subscribe.

05-05-2006: Chabliz plays in Bucharest, Europafest Festival:
Chabliz plays between 10 and 14 May at the EUROPAFEST Festival in Bucharest, Rumania. More info about this festival you can find at the EUROPAFEST website:

07-04-2006: EUROPAFEST
In May 2006 Chabliz will give concerts at the prestigious EUROPAFEST Festival in Bucharest, Rumania. The band will stay in Rumania for one week.

16-09-2005: Chabliz-singer gives birth to son
Chabliz-vocaliste Petra de Winter gave birth to a healthy son at Friday 09-09-2005. His name is Storm. Mother and child are both doing fine.

22-07-2005: Chabliz to Bucharest again
Chabliz is invited to play between 7 – 13 May 2006 at the Jeunesses Musicales Festival in Bucharest, Rumania. Chabliz played there before (in different uplines) at 2001, 2002 and 2003. The last two years the band toured only in the Netherlands.

17-03-2005: Vote for Chabliz
You can vote on the internet now, for Chabliz, on:
First you have to listen for one minute to the track “Nightporter. Then you can vote. Good Luck !

11-02-2005: Chabliz gives gigs in Holland
Chabliz is touring through Holland now, if you click on the “Concerts-button” you can see which dates and venues.Chabliz is also working on (writing) new songs for the next album, and the band is participating in a project about the First World War (a book and cd with songs about WO1). The WO1-project will be ready in 2007.

12-08-2004: Chabliz has started again
At August 8, Chabliz gave her first concert of the new season in Eindhoven, Holland. Everything went well.

29-05-2004: Baby for Chabliz singer
The 24th of May 2004 Chabliz-vocalist Petra gave birth to a big and healthy baby-girl. Her name is Gudrun Maria. Her weight is eight pounds and 80 grams, length is 52 cm.

22-02-2004: Radio and television promotion Chabliz
Distributioncompany Coast to Coast ( ) is busy now starting up a radio and television promotion for the new Chabliz-album ‘Nightporter” .See for more details about gigs etc. the Dutch section of this website: “Agenda.”

20-11-2003: More gigs for Chabliz
Chabliz gives concerts at Nov. 22 in Winston Kingdom, Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam (22.00 hrs). And also at Dec. 10, Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer (Holland). More info about the concerts you can obtain at the concertdates part of this website.

12-09-2003: Chabliz found a new pianoplayer
Chabliz found a new pianist. His name is Henk Greven. The first gig we’ll do together will be at October 13 in grand cafe “De Boterwaag” on the “Grote Markt” , Den Haag (centre). It will take place somewhere between 21 and 0.00 hrs. Chabliz is looking forward to the cooperation.

17-08-2003: More good reviews for Chabliz
Chabliz’new album “Nightporter” has got a lot of good reviews in the dutch press and on internetsites. Unfortunately, most of them are written in Dutch. Except the review at

You can read the dutch reviews in the dutch section of this website.

09-08-2003: pictures from Romania
If you stand on these links, you will see live photographs of the band Chabliz while playing on the Jeunesses Musicales Festival in Bucharest, Romania this year, on the Jeunesses Musicales website:

20-07-2003: Join our mailinglist!
If you scroll down on this page, you see the mailinglist. You can join the mailinglist by giving your emailadress there. Aprox. once a month we’ll sent you the latest news about Chabliz. It won’t be a long (big) mail. You can win a new Chabliz-cd if you join the mailinglist !

14-07-2003: Chabliz is looking for new pianoplayer.
Pianist Ewout will leave the band half October. Therefore Chabliz is urgently looking now for a new pianoplayer-keyboardist. if you know somebody who could do the job, please tell him and us. You can reach us by email or telephone.

08-06-2003: Van Dyke Parks himself !
The world-famous composer Van Dyke Parks sent Chabliz-producer Wim Oudijk the following email (and Chabliz is very glad with it !):
” Dear Wim,
I am delighted I’ve heard your CD. It’s just brimming with talented decisions from top to bottom ! Of course, I’m touched that you included the piece I wrote. It is impossible to sing, I’ve been told, and Petra de Winter just smokes in her hot performance !

I am deeply grateful to you for your kind gesture.

Peace & love to all who helped bring this to such a succesful performance.
Van Dyke Parks.

P.S. We love the artwork as well. Too cool.

28-05-2003: Vote for Chabliz !
You can now vote for the new album “Nightporter” from Chabliz, via:
If you would like to read a good review on the new Chabliz-album “Nightporter”, then click to:
Thank you for your vote !

You can buy the new album too via

18-05-2003: Just back from Bucharest 🙂
Chabliz is back in Holland, after six days Bucharest, Romania. The band played on the international Jeunesses Musicales Festival. They had a very good time in Bucharest. The audience was enthousiastic and gave the band a big hand and even more than that ! The weather was excellent, 37 degrees. Chabliz is glad to have played in Bucharest again !

14-04-2003: Chabliz to Rumania
Today it became certain that Chabliz goes to Rumania in May for a concert (May 14)at the Jeunesses Musicales Festival, Bucharest. However, Chabliz is trying to get ‘toursupport’ in order to be able to give more than one concert in Rumania. That’s not certain yet; only one concert in Rumania is confirmed now.But that’s still very good news !