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This is our YouTube channel.

Our livestream concerts and newest music videos are there.


Underneath you see our older music videos:

Our music video: “Imitating Angels:”

The clip is directed by Riske de Vries and performed by Chabliz.

Our music video about WW1 “Poppies in Flanders Fields:”

Our live video “Billie Jean” is here :

Our Live tribute to Screamin’Jay Hawkins'”I Put A Spell on You” is over here :

Our live dark jazz video “Moon” is here to watch :

You are able to watch our older (March 2013) Blue Strike videoclip here:

To see a live video from our song “Nightporter” , watch here:

The same Nightportersong, the videoclip (studio audio):

To see a dutch interview with us, please watch this video :

To watch a live video from a concert in the Hardrock Cafe in Bucharest:

and here:

Chabliz live @ the Rumanian television:

Interested in more video’s?  Check out