she was bright
she knew what she should do
control her own creations

but the time she lived in had no favours
for the women not in need of saviours

so, one day,
she had this wild idea
it was a piece
that starts a conversation
and this fountain watered the perception
of the value of a mere conception

who, nobody knows for sure, she
gave this work a male signature, and

for as long as she was alive she was
fighting uphill battles
men, they owned the world
and she just lived there

thus/so if a woman had made this piece of art
then it wouldn’t be recognized

no – ooh ooh,
ooh ooh

This fountain was worth many millions and
the artworld could not stop its whispers

now when people talk about it,
they will give Duchamp full credit

art – ooh ooh
ooh ooh

(She was) Poor without offspring
he could claim her work
of art

ooh ooh
ooh ooh
of art
ooh oooh

oooohoohoo whoooooo-hoooo
oooohoohoo whoooooo-oo-oo-oo (choir)

Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven

Tekst: P de Winter & P van Riezen. Muziek: P Van Riezen, P de Winter, M Peters.


All rights reserved.