technical rider/ stageplot

This is the direct link to our technical rider for the bigger stages:
technical rider and stageplan

For smaller stages: Please keep in mind that we usually play as a trio, with piano/keyboards/synths, double bass and vocals. Our bassplayer usually brings his own basscube (he has a DI).  Our pianist could bring his own electric piano, but he prefers playing on a recently tuned upright piano or a grand piano (if it’s not there: no problem though). We could bring our own small PA (‘zanginstallatie’ in Dutch) but we prefer playing over your PA. The singer usually brings her own SM58 microphone (wired) with her, and she also likes wireless mikes but she doesn’t have that herself . We prefer two or three monitors, but on small stages we can manage with one monitor as well.

It’s possible to print the stageplan and rider (pdf).