The days grow long
the nights are short
I can’t breath anymore
now are the lights to go
inside we both know
they smoke us out
we’re out of food
we are hungry, but don’t give in
Death is breathing down our necks
the cold, hell is waiting, I know

This threw a shadow far ahead
my fate was there, when I met you
and you couldn’t turn it around with your hands
it was too large, it was too true

we need to face
the only truth we own, we share, we have
we can’t sacrifice our love again
we have to look in the eyes of fate
there’s no choice, we’re no cowards


There’s no memory, there’s nothing to leave behind
But emptyness, no horizons,
nothing to believe in anymore
someday, someday our memories will come alive
but we must hide, we can’t show our faces

There’s nothing left
this is all
to defend against the overwhelming flood of all of you
get to me
I know, I fear, I love, I hide I wait, I long for you
inside, tonight
Get away, get away, get away, get away….

Words by Petra de Winter
Music by Petra de Winter & Marcel Peters
Arrangement by Wim Oudijk & Chabliz
Produced by Wim Oudijk

All rights reserved