Water’s warm, I’m waiting for fish to bite

They’re moving slow

The boat rocks slowly in the sea

Feet dusty here from sand

A sunscreen smell

And I wait

I wait some time

I see the boat and the gulls, they are floatin’ upon the wind

We settle down in this place, easy

Suddenly I see

This is so amazing to find

Right from the water appears

A quite handsome merman oh

And I can see, the lightning strike

Ie  ie ie ie ie ie ie

This is so amazing to find

Right from the water appears

And I’m not blind to see that I don’t have any chance

To hide anywhere on this ship

He’s far too handsome for me

And far too young

But he says he is older

A few hundred years

He lost his ship a long time ago from now

And he invites me to


Into the sea with him

He says  ooh yeah

Hey hey

One day, he tells me

Ie ie ie ie ie

Should I trust him with all his lies

If I would jump, would I die, die

Should I dive into the blue, blue sea

Would he pull me to the bottom of the ocean

Is he a sailor or a fraud

Hey, I really don’t know

What should I do

The sea pulls it

Pulls hey

Ooh oooh 

I stay, I stay in this boat


The sun is going down

I see his battleship

I hear the choirs sing

The men on the ship, but I don’t know

That if I jump

I would drown most certainly

He would drag me to the depths of the ocean

He’s too  aaaaaah

He’s too


Written by Petra de Winter, Pim van Riezen, Marcel Peters.

All rights reserved.