In Bluebeard’s garden

I know I am too late now

I had to cherish our love

I was determined to determine

Your dark side on my own

Wanted to know you all through

My only task was to love you

To give you back your childhood

I saw your smile

But now I’m wandering there

For evermore

I never dreamed of this garden

Dwelling here for evermore

Together with your other lost loves

Sharing our failed loves

We cherish our memories of you

Of who you once were

We could be your guardian angels

But you refused

And now we’re wandering here

For evermore

Bridge: (with choir)

It’s so beautiful

This is a paradise

Here are flowers all over


Pianosolo 1a and 1B

You wanted me always to trust you

Despite the blood all over

Wish I could see you the same way

As your own mother did

You once were an innocent baby

Asked you to open this door

I didn’t realised ‘t was too much

You showed me your torture room

I know you loved me in your own way

You can’t escape your own fate

Have to forgive your shortcomings

And you could do that too

But that won’t bring the-e li-ight

Back in my staring eyes…..

Lyrics written by Petra de Winter

Music written by Pim van Riezen & Petra de Winter & M. Peters

String arrangement: Pim van Riezen.

All rights reserved.

Gustave Doré: Barbe Blue.