Chabliz is looking for a great guitar player

Pop-noir band Chabliz is searching for an ambitious guitar player who is able to play in several different styles, from acoustic singer-songwriter music to gothic metal and rock. He or she needs to be able to accompany the alto lead singer, and thus be prepared to play in less convenient keys. The new album is just ready – its release will be this autumn / winter.

Goals: many concerts and gigs, selling albums and singles, and working on a new album with our own repertoire. Of course you’re welcome to join in writing and composing with us. We are looking for a guitar player that can function in a team and is driven by ambition. Other keywords are: durability, loyalty, energy, having big plans with our music. We offer: our own studio facilities, ambition, quality, experience, see the words above, and: originality. We play mostly our own repertoire, mixed with covers that have been thoroughly subverted.

We rehearse in Rotterdam at the moment, every sunday evening. We don’t know yet if we’ll stay in this rehearsal space forever. The band members live in The Hague / Voorburg, Rotterdam, Leiden and Amstelveen. Please send us a note if you’re interested or if you have further questions. You can share this message if you have friends or colleagues who might be interested.

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