A happy and healthy 2021!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2021. We know that the first months of this year aren’t easy. That’s also the subject of our new song, Beyond the tides. This is a live recording, but we are recording the song in the studio now too. Expect a release asap, in or after the lockdown.

Our next livestream concert will be on Sunday evening, Januari 31, provided there won’t be any sharpening of the lockdown. You are able to watch our previous live concert of December 28 here, on our YouTube channel.

Despite the coronacrisis, Chabliz continued to work on new songs, recordings and concerts in the past year. That was hard during the first lockdown, when we couldn’t visit each other for more than two months. After the first lockdown we wrote, rehearsed, recorded and gave concerts again. In the summer we received a grant from the Music Production Fund of Sena. That was great news, it was many years ago that we received a grant for our music.

Thanks to your votes we reached position 366 and 400 with our songs Moon and Nightporter in the Snob 2000 again. Also this year the Snob 2000 2020 was broadcasted by Pinguin Radio.

On Spotify things were pretty okay this year. More people than in 2019 discovered our music there and listened to it; in 2020 there were 899 different listeners from 45 countries. Our music was streamed 4.400 times, for 320 hours. Our topsongs on Spotify are Nightporter, followed by Moon. But also Breakfast is relatively popular.

Our first real online livestream concert was in September. We broadcasted directly to Facebook with an old iPhone; the sound quality of that concert was quite bad. It was our first online concert ever, and we really had to get used to it! Our second livestream concert in October was already a little bit better, we had moved to our YouTube channel, but still the sound quality wasn’t perfect at all. In November we were invited by Funtime Live, which was very kind of them. This was the first time that we had a good sound online! Finally! In December we also improved our own gear and broadcasting skills and on December 28 we gave a very nice livestream concert in our own livingroom, with a great sound and nice light, but still with one camera. Our next concert on January 31 will be recorded by no less than three camera’s and we invested a bit in new and colorful lights. Hopefully we’ll ‘see’ you then!

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