EP release: ‘In Bluebeard’s Garden’

We’re very happy to tell you that our new EP is out now. It has been released on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Shazam, YouTube, Soundcloud and several other music platforms already and will be soon on Bandcamp and even more music channels. If you’re looking for the songs on your music channel, this can be a handy tool. (You might need to scroll down to the right links)

Two of the three new songs are written by ourselves. The other song, track 1, is a tribute recording of Joy Division‘s ‘New Dawn Fades.’ Two of our bandmembers are fans of this legendary band. Pim made a large, orchestral arrangement for it, Petra used operatic vocals and on top of that Pim and Petra produced a choir together.

The title song ‘In Bluebeard’s Garden‘ is a more jazzy song. Everybody knows the famous legend about Bluebeard a.k.a. Henry the 8th and his six wives. We wrote a song about this gothic fairytale and recorded the song with a beautiful string arrangement and a choir of six women (Anna Rallo, CatselfKalipluche a.k.a. KarianneCaroline RosGudrun Blok and Petra herself) who sing the role of Bluebeard’s (mainly dead) wives, whose ghosts are still wandering through his delightful garden. The song has a bit of a Kate Bush kind of vibe. The violins and cellos are played by Natasja van Doesburg and Giselle Bentvelsen. Curious?  You can find the EP here. (You might need to scroll down for the right link to your favourite music channel). This EP is already a small part of the album that we’ll release in the Spring of 2022.


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