Concerts & reviews

In January we discovered a review (by ‘De Muziekplank’) that we didn’t mention before, although it was the very first review that we actually received about our new album (yes, we’re near-sighted moles). It’s a good review in Dutch and you can find it here. We’ll give more concerts, the first live concerts that we’ll give take place on the Gluren bij de Buren Festival in Gouda, on Sunday afternoon, February the fifth. We’ll give three short concerts of 30 minutes each during that afternoon. Free entry, and we would love to meet you there!

In March we’ll give a very special livestream concert again; this time we’ll improvise live on a few chords, given by the audience, and we’ll use extra synths and sounds. We’re working on more concerts too, so keep an eye on our concert dates!

In the mean time, more radio stations play our songs. One of them is Alternative FM. Also Pinguin Radio and Radio 5 played our songs lately.

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