Last voting days in the Snob 2000

We ask it every end of the year: voting for our songs in the yearly, Dutch Snob 2000. A position in this playlist gives us airplay on the radio and on Spotify, throughout the year. Not only during the last weeks of 2023, but it goes on in 2024. It takes only a few minutes of your time and hey, it’s nice to do: voting for all your personal favorite songs, plus 2 Chabliz-songs. This year we nominated 3 songs, although you can only vote for 2 songs per band. But the choice is yours: we nominated Nightporter, our Chabliz-version of New Dawn Fades and Bite my Tongue for a spot in this yearly Snob playlist. ‘Bite my Tongue’ is a coöperation with our colleagues from Dizzy Panda. Please choose 2 songs out of those 3 and we’ll thank you for ever! Go to this link to vote.

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