We wish you a beautiful 2024

We wish you a beautiful 2024! The previous year was good for Chabliz and its individual bandmembers, and hopefully for you too. But for Holland, Europe and other parts of the world it wasn’t a good year at all. We’re deeply worried about the wars and political situation in several countries. That being said, as a band we look back to an inspiring year which broke several positive records. We never had so many listeners on Spotify before, right after our single release Bite My Tongue, together with our colleagues from Dizzy Panda last Summer. This single (or actually it was a small EP with two songs) also received much press coverage in Holland. We also started last year with completely improvised livestream impro concerts and we’ll go on with this in 2024. Our first Impro Livestream concert of 2024 will be quite soon, on Sunday evening January 7th. On top of that we gave several live concerts all over the Netherlands. Last year we also received a few belated, but beautiful album reviews of our Heroes and Foes album. During the last week of 2023, two days before Xmas, we recorded our next music video, of our Senta song. Film director Lars Smetsers shot this music video, together with his wonderful crew. Our bandmembers have some ‘cameos’ in it… The video will be released within a few months. Curious for backstage footage? Go here, here and here (scroll down). The day before the video shoot our singer gave an interview about Chabliz and the new music video to local radiostation Omroep Baarle, because the set was situated in this interesting village. You can listen to this lively interview here (in Dutch):

On top of all that we reached our highest position ever in the yearly SNOB 2000, with position 217 for our version of New Dawn Fades and position 225 for our Nightporter song in December '23! We're back in the Snob list on Pinguin Radio with no less than 4 songs. Also our Moon song (position 1505, so glad we made it) reached the list, and of course the new Bite My Tongue single (on posision 1054). We thank you so much for voting our songs into this beautiful alternative radio playlist!  We're grateful for that. We also would like to thank Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes for all the effort (again, year after year!) in organizing this beautiful, big event! And not to forget the great Pinguin Radio DJ's!

In 2024 we’ll release the new music video. And we go on with our live concerts and our livestreams, a few of them already will take place in January and February. At the moment we’re also writing and recording new songs. Expect new single and/or EP releases in 2024! As a band, we’re growing at the moment. We receive more attention, more plays and streams, more playlists are adding our songs and we get more Shazams and followers. Hopefully this growing line will continue in 2024. We’re working on it, quite hard. In the mean time we would like to thank you for your support!

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