Live concerts in June

We gave a quite interesting Livestream Concert last Sunday, with completely improvised music. We were inspired by Pim’s new synthesizers and sequencers, which resulted in one of our best impro concerts in the last two years, despite the singer having a cold. The original live stream had a slight sync issue, so the sound has been remixed from the multi-track that was recorded at the same time and so the sound quality is even better now. A few highlights of the concert are here, here, here and here (and you can find more highlights in the shownotes of the video). Watch the complete video here (and it would be great if you subscribed to our YouTube channel, too):

AND on Sunday afternoon June 30th we give three short live concerts on the Gluren bij de Buren festival in Breda. Free entry. It would be great to meet you there!

By the way…… did you already watch our new music video Senta? It has been released in May.

We wish you a beautiful summer!

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