album compilation Chabliz: sneak preview

Chabliz just put an album compilation at Soundcloud !!!
This is a compilation, a “sneak preview” of the new, upcoming Chabliz album, that will be released in 2013. We are looking for a record company who is able to release the album.
Sixty minutes of music has been brought back to sixteen minutes. We tried to bring you the “highlights”of the album, but sometimes its hard to chose which pieces the highlights are , and in a compilation like this you just can’t only put all the refrains and/or the finals right behind eachother, music only “works” if there is a built up sometimes. However, we tried to glue pieces from all the songs together, in another order than the album-order, because this is a sneak preview and thats not the same.You can press the link here:

Sneak preview new album Chabliz

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