We wish you luck

After a good, fresh start of 2020, things changed quickly for all of us. We all hope to go back to our normal lives soon, but at the same time we know that this will take time. We hope that we will be able to rehearse soon again, and we can’t wait to go back to the studio and record our songs again. Because that’s what we were doing before the corona crisis started. We wish you all a good health and an optimistic, but realistic spirit. And we wish that for ourselves, too. Searching in our own repertoire, we found a few songs which could be appropriate in this coronacrisis. That is of course our Moon song. But also the lyrics of “Erased” fit in a certain way. And, to lighten up your hearts a tiny bit, what do you think of Blöder Tango or “Du wirst mir fehlen?”

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