Happy 2020!

Of course we wish you a very good 2020! We have many good intentions for this year. We are working on a new EP (as a part of a a whole new album). The EP will be released later this year. And of course we work on a new videoclip too. Also we’ll give several concerts, starting with two livingroom concerts in February. We already gave a small performance of three songs at January the 3rd in the Haagse Kunstkring. Our New Year started quite well for Chabliz; the performance (and especially the audience and the other artists) was and were great, Pim could play on a beautiful grand piano, which was inspiring. And the year started with this wonderful, thoughtful review by Florian Maier from KMS Reviews of our music video and short film ‘When sirens call,’ directed by Catself.

2019 was also a good year for us. It could be better of course, but it wasn’t bad at all. We wrote many new songs (some of them are in the recording process now), we gave several concerts and we released two music videos. One of them is ‘When Sirens Call,’ directed by Catself. We are very grateful that she did put so much time, effort and great ideas into this music video and short film. We also received some great reviews.

On Spotify things went well. Our ‘Nightporter’ song was streamed 2,5K times, ‘Moon‘ and ‘In the flesh‘ 1,2K times. Our Breakfast song (one of our favorite songs, but not a winner in streams) was streamed 1,1K times. In 2019 we had 221% more new listeners on Spotify, 300% more followers and 744% more streams. Our music was streamed on Spotify for 798 hours (= one month) in 2019. People in 57 countries listened to our music. In Italy our audience grew with 811%. In total we had 10,7k streams and 1,6K listeners on this medium. Thank you for that!

Hopefully 2020 will be an even better year than 2019!

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