The single is out now!

Our new single ‘beyond the Tides’ is just released on Spotify. You can read the lyrics here, we are kind of proud of them. It’s a poetic duet (yes, a duet! With Pim, our pianist!) about hope and fear, a pop-rockballad that we wrote and recorded during the corona lockdowns. It’s a song about the sea, the sea that gives and takes, but this sea is also a metaphor for all kinds of challenges that people can experience during their lives. One of them is this corona pandemic, but also other, more personal crises.

During the next days the song will appear on many other music platforms, like Apple Music too. This is the hyperfollow link. The single recording is quite different than the live version. It’s a male-female duet. And we chose a poprock ballad approach, with drums and a seventies- Minimoog synthesizer solo in the middle of the song. We also added two beautiful (real!) violintracks in the song. Enjoy, and give us a green heart if you like the track on Spotify:

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