New single, concerts, book and studio work

Our new single ‘Beyond the Tides’ is now also released on Amazon and Deezer. And it will be soon on Apple Music too. It is released on Spotify on the 2nd of July. You can find the lyrics plus the live version (which is quite different from the studio version) here. One suggestion for Spotify users: if you put your Canvas on in your app, you’ll see our little Canvas movie while you listen to the song.

We also booked a few new concerts, you can find them on the homepage of this site, and also here. In September and October we will give a few live concerts, real live concerts, with a live audience again, which is great after all the lockdowns! One of them will be in KOFA. And we’ll also give a new livestream concert in September. We decided to go on with the livestream concerts anyway, aside the live concerts in Holland. It gives our fans and friends abroad the chance to see us live.

During the summer we enter the studio again to record, mix and master the songs for our next EP, which is expected in the autumn, and for our next album, to be released in the first half of 2022. We already recorded several songs, but they still need a thorough mixing and mastering.

And in September the beautiful book Cancelled by Anoek will be published by publishing company ‘Uitgeverij Komma.’ It will be available in the Dutch bookshops and online from September. We and many other artists posed for this book. A few of the artists who are included in the book are Trijntje Oosterhuis, Francis van Broekhuizen, Michael Varekamp, Martine Sandifort, Karin Bloemen, Tim Akkerman, Freek de Jonge, Paul de Leeuw, Simone Kleinsma, Pia Douwes and several other artists. And, of course, Chabliz.

Photo by Anoek van Nunen

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