The Snob 2000, two concerts, a new EP release and a book!

Despite all the corona troubles in Holland, Europe and overseas we’re having a quite busy month with Chabliz. First of all we would like to ask you to vote for our Nightporter and Moon songs in the yearly Snob 2000 list, that’s the Dutch alternative and ‘little sister’ of the big and famous Top 2000. You can vote for us here. Why should you? Because it helps us enormously; we see its influence in the airplay, on the radio, but even more in the airplay on Spotify and Apple Music. Even more important: the audience of the Snob 2000 is broadly speaking exactly the audience we’re trying to reach with our music: lovers of indie, alternative, underground music, pop-noir, jazz and artpop. Thanks to your votes we managed the last three years to make it to the Snob 2000 and we really hope to reach this goal again. It’s possible to vote until December the first.

And there is more. Two live appearances, the first is ‘live-live’ (in the flesh!) on December the fourth in the centre of Voorburg at Amnesty’s Write For Rights. And we are giving a coronaproof, free Livestream Concert together with the marvellous singer-songwriter Catself on December the 12th. On top of that we’re releasing a new EP: ‘In Bluebeard’s Garden.‘ The release will be on December the 17th. You can already pre-save the EP on your Spotify-, Apple-Music and iTunes app here.

By pre-saving the main song of the EP will appear in the Release Radar of your Spotify or Apple Music app on the release day. You will be able to listen to it on the 17th and afterwards. It’s totally free, and it helps us to get higher in the Spotify and Apple rankings, which means: more people will hear and play the songs. Two of the three new songs are written by ourselves. The third song is a tribute recording of Joy Division‘s ‘New Dawn Fades.’ Two of our bandmembers are fans of this legendary band. Pim made a large, orchestral arrangement for it, Petra used operatic vocals and on top of that Pim and Petra produced a choir together.

The title song ‘In Bluebeard’s Garden‘ is a more jazzy song. Everybody knows the famous legend about Bluebeard a.k.a. Henry the 8th and his six wives. We wrote a song about this gothic fairytale and recorded the song with a beautiful string arrangement and a choir of six women (Anna Rallo, Catself, Kalipluche a.k.a. Karianne, Caroline Ros, Gudrun Blok and Petra herself) who sing the role of Bluebeard’s (mainly dead) wives, whose ghosts are still wandering through his delightful garden. The song has a bit of a Kate Bush kind of vibe. The violins and cellos are played by Natasja van Doesburg and Giselle Bentvelsen. Curious?  The songs are online within a few weeks! This EP is already a small part of the album that we’ll release in the Spring of 2022.

Last but not least: the book ‘Cancelled, by Anoek‘ will be released very soon. It was in the printery two weeks ago, so it will reach the bookshops soon. It’s a beautiful book with pictures of several Dutch artists who perform in empty venues during the coronacrisis. Chabliz is one of them.

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