A new EP release…

Exciting news: on the 14th of July we’ll release a new EP on all common music platforms (such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Amazon, etc.) It’s a very special project, because our colleagues from Dizzy Panda asked us to remix/remake one of our songs and we did the same with one of theirs. They chose our Glastonbury Grove song and made a complete new version of it. We chose their Bite my Tongue song and made a remake-duet, with their singer Ntll and our singer Petra. Curious? You can pre-save the songs on Spotify here.

How come? Chabliz and Dizzy Panda both reached the Snob 2000 in December 2022; Dizzy Panda on position 1124 and Chabliz nearby on position 1122 (with New Dawn Fades). That’s how we discovered eachother.

And there is more. Last Sunday we gave live concerts on the Gluren bij de Buren garden Festival in Wageningen, with a good atmosphere, a great audience and beautiful weather. You can watch a few pictures here. Two weeks earlier we gave a free, fully improvised Livestream Concert. You can rewatch that impro concert here. If you don’t have much time, we recommend you to watch the (better) second half of this livestream concert.

AND in August we’re going to shoot a new music video! The video release is expected this autumn.

If you have Spotify, don’t forget to pre-save the new EP here.

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