Wim Oudijk deceased

-Wim rouwfoto

Mentor, friend, producer, songwriter, vocalist and keypoardplayer Wim Oudijk left our planet.
He was the producer of our Nightporter album.
Wim was a very bright and creative producer and musician.
He produced the hitalbum of Drs. P, and albums of Venus Flytrap, the Toxic Melons, Snippet, Music Mr. Smith and many other international artists.
Wim co-founded the band Trespassers W, and he arranged, produced and mastered many of their songs.
He was a founding member of the band Navel, a Dutch band with hits in the seventies.
Wim and Petra created choirs together for artists from all over the globe, from his Discofair Studio in The Hague.
Wim was a huge fan of and musically influenced by Van Dyke Parks, The Beach Boys and J.S. Bach.
He worked with many members of the music scene in his residence in The Hague, Holland.
The alternative music scene will miss another bright and inspiring mind. RIP.

This is what the important Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad” wrote about Wim ( in Dutch) : Necrologie Wim Oudijk in NRC Handelsblad

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