New music video: When Sirens Call

  • Our new music video is released today!  The music video is directed and edited by Catself. Cameras: Catself, Storm Blok, Pim van Riezen. Actors: Erwin Wijnen, Pim van Riezen, Marcel Peters, Petrade Winter. Crew: All of the above.  Colour grading: Pim van Riezen. Technical support: Christer Holm and Pim van Riezen. The song “When Sirens Call (Arthur)” is written by Petra de Winter, Henk Greven & M. Peters and produced by Pim van Riezen and P de Winter. Artists: Petra de Winter: vocals, Pim vanRiezen: piano, Marcel Peters: double bass, Ap de Ree: drums. 

This is the YouTube link to the new video: 

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