Kofa concert cancelled, but a new Livestream in November

We were very much looking forward to our concert in KOFA this weekend. It was scheduled for October the 2nd and it would be our first real live-live concert for a real audience instead of only one cameraman…. but it wasn’t supposed to be. As a band we agree with most of the governments corona measures and also with the measure to show your corona check app before you enter a concert, because we think it’s important to show solidarity with people who are vulnurable for the virus, and to keep them safe. Not all venues can afford a big doorkeeper to check all the visitors, and the venues aren’t compensated for it. Some pubs and venues have clients who aren’t vaccinated yet. Kofa is a night venue, concerts usually start and end late. With the new rules all venues must close at midnight. That’s one of the reasons why Kofa decided to cancel all their scheduled concerts, which is unfortunate for the bands who finally could play again after more than a year of livestreams only.

Instead we scheduled another free Livestream concert for you, in November. This time together with the Finnish singer-songwriter Catself. Catself is a great singer-songwriter who plays piano and guitar, she has beautiful songs with fantastic lyrics, sometimes quite dark and sometimes funny. AND we will play one song together. Expect a great sound, grand piano, Moog synths, guitars, double bass and two female vocalists. And a great atmosphere, with nice camerawork.

In October we are recording and mixing our new EP and album. Our next EP will be released this Autumn, which means: soon. Also, the book Cancelled, by Anoek with pictures of several Dutch artists including Chabliz, will be released soon.

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