Great review, concerts and a book

Yesterday we received this great review of our single Beyond the Tides, by Florian Maier from KMS Reviews. Of course we are quite grateful for that! In August we also had a good recording week, where we recorded a few songs for our next EP and album. In September and October we will give a few concerts again, one of them is a Livestream concert, the other is our first real live concert since corona. Also in September will be the release of the book Cancelled, by Anoek. This is a book with beautiful pictures of several Dutch artists during corona and we are very proud to be one of them. It will be available in the bookshops later this month. We would be glad to meet you at our next concerts, online or live in Kofa Vlaardingen.

By the way, for our Dutch friends: did you already hear this interview (in Dutch) with our singer Petra? It was recorded in August by Wat Nou Als Het Lukt. The interview starts in the second part of the podcast (but the first part is interesting too!).

Underneath you find the KMS playlist where we’re included in:
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