Happy New Year !

We wish you a very happy 2015 !

In 2014 we remembered the centenary of the First World War with our videoclip “Poppies in Flanders Fields”. We also won the Public Prize of the Delft Fringe Festival, last summer. We were number two ( in November) on the Haagse Youbox Top 50 and also number one in the local Reverbnation charts. Our “Poppies” videoclip got a lot of attention in the media. In 2014 we have worked on our new album and wrote several songs. We produced and recorded and gave a few interviews, one of them at Earworks . We got a few good reviews too ( see our reviews -page for that).
We released a live-recording and an album sneak preview at Soundcloud:

We added a few songs @ iTunes and Spotify. And on top of that, we gave several gigs and concerts, some of them together with our collegue Catself .

In 2015 our next album will be released, it’s already waiting on a shelf for quite some time to get released. We’ll increase our search for a good label.
We will give several concerts and gigs, one of them at Bellewaerde during the remembrance of the Battle of Bellewaerde in june 2015. In January and March we will also release a few live videoclips, and some pictures of the concert that we gave last November. We’re looking forward to all of it !

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